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3 Tips from Irvine Orthodontics on a Healthy Mouth with Braces

Getting braces can be no charming experience. It can also be quite a good experience depending on who does your treatments. But during your treatment time, you absolutely HAVE to consider the hygiene of your teeth! Did it occur to you that you can’t really floss the way you used to? There are a number of gum diseases that can creep in to your mouth if you’re unsuspecting. My orthodontist in Irvine gave me some amazing ideas for help with keeping my mouth healthy both in my gums and between my teeth. Special thanks to Irvine Orthodontics for contributing to this article.

Brushing with Braces

1) Gum Health

The risk of gum disease and tooth decay is always higher with brackets and wires in your mouth. This is because braces often trap food and bacteria in areas that are now not as accessible with a toothbrush. Be sure to have a soft toothbrush for you gums, and it is equally as important to brush those gums as part of your brushing regimen twice or three times daily.

2) Tooth Decay Prevention with Braces

While you may have eaten several times throughout the day before braces, it is a good idea to stick to 3 meals with perhaps a snack or two during the day. The reason for this is to keep teeth clean for long durations of time since many of your favorite foods may contain starch, such as potato chips. These kinds of foods often stay stuck in braces and can go unnoticed but they are doing subtle damage while there in between your braces and teeth. Starchy foods contain sugars which turn to acids which break down the enamel on teeth which leads to cavities. A good rule of thumb is to brush immediately after eating food of any kind.

3) Foods to avoid during treatment time

Of course you love to eat your veggies right? Well if you don’t, it is a good time to start. Vegetables are great for you body and not harmful to teeth the way processed foods and starchy foods can be. Be diligent to stay away from sodas and other high-sugar foods which can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Just one soda has 10-12 spoons of sugar, which as you know, are bad for teeth whether you have braces or not. Avoid candy and sports drinks or other sugar-sweetened foods.

Getting some good oral care products can drastically increase your odds of not damaging your teeth during treatment. This is one of the highest recommendations for people with braces. We encourage you to consult an Irvine Irvine orthodontist with good reviews before getting started in your braces journey and always be sure to tell them that your friends at Baby in a Basket sent you!

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Alternative Medicine: The Benefits of Spinal Subluxation

chiropractor and patientGoing to a chiropractor for many people is just as regular as going to their primary care physician for treatments. They are folks who have walked in to an office with some sort of pain then walked out feeling much better. Alternative medicine has not always been accepted by the AMA until the 1980s when they accepted the practice as medicine. Since then, most large healthcare providers have included the care in their policies.

Treating mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system

When people think of their skeleton, they are under the impression that there are only bones joined to muscles, but this is only part of the truth. To understand the real truth behind how bones interact with each other, it is important to see them as joints similar to those in a car. When you have a joint that needs to be lubricated, it begins to creak and you have metal on metal. In the body, when the lubrication breaks down or the bones are touching each other without this lubrication in between them, there is a build up or cartilage which eventually hardens into deposits of calcium. If this happens, there is typically much pain associated. This is where having a good chiropractor who can perform manual chiropractic treatments to the body. This is in the realm of massage and physical therapy and should be considered an integral part of the aging process.

How Chiropractic Manipulation Care Works:

Pills or Chiropractic

When the manual treatments occur, they are able to “bust” loose some of the cartilage, in the hopes the body absorbs it while it dissolves. Typically, the only other medical way to treat pain in the body is by pain killer pills, which have serious long-term negative effects on the body and liver. So if you are suffering from pain in joints or you have had an injury or accident and notice something is just not right, it might be a good idea to get together with a good doctor in your area who could probably give you a diagnosis and free consultation. Then you can get off those pain killers! For BabiInaBasket, thanks for reading!