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Alternative Medicine: The Benefits of Spinal Subluxation

chiropractor and patientGoing to a chiropractor for many people is just as regular as going to their primary care physician for treatments. They are folks who have walked in to an office with some sort of pain then walked out feeling much better. Alternative medicine has not always been accepted by the AMA until the 1980s when they accepted the practice as medicine. Since then, most large healthcare providers have included the care in their policies.

Treating mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system

When people think of their skeleton, they are under the impression that there are only bones joined to muscles, but this is only part of the truth. To understand the real truth behind how bones interact with each other, it is important to see them as joints similar to those in a car. When you have a joint that needs to be lubricated, it begins to creak and you have metal on metal. In the body, when the lubrication breaks down or the bones are touching each other without this lubrication in between them, there is a build up or cartilage which eventually hardens into deposits of calcium. If this happens, there is typically much pain associated. This is where having a good chiropractor who can perform manual chiropractic treatments to the body. This is in the realm of massage and physical therapy and should be considered an integral part of the aging process.

How Chiropractic Manipulation Care Works:

Pills or Chiropractic

When the manual treatments occur, they are able to “bust” loose some of the cartilage, in the hopes the body absorbs it while it dissolves. Typically, the only other medical way to treat pain in the body is by pain killer pills, which have serious long-term negative effects on the body and liver. So if you are suffering from pain in joints or you have had an injury or accident and notice something is just not right, it might be a good idea to get together with a good doctor in your area who could probably give you a diagnosis and free consultation. Then you can get off those pain killers! For BabiInaBasket, thanks for reading!

Our Choices Affect Everyone Around Us

How Your Choices Affect Your Family

When I was growing up, my mom smoked. I didn’t know any better as a child that smoking was bad for your health, and even thought she was a nurse, I don’t think my mom realized how bad it was either. Fast forward 16 years and my mom would offer me a cigarette if I was constipated. That innocent “help” turned into a nicotine addiction that lasted years. I want to share in this blog about how the choices made at home can affect those growing up around us watching what we do, not listening to what we say as adults and parents.

Do as I say not as I do

You probably remember hearing your older brother or a parent telling you not to mimic their bad behavior, but the greater lesson with far more impact were the actions you witnessed. Did you watch someone who was an alcoholic? How about bad eating habits? These mini life lessons were “caught” and not “taught” to you.

Why do you do the things you do?

If you’ve ever questioned why you have a desire to eat salty foods late at night and you quench that urge with some tortilla chips, where did you learn that? Or if you’re thirsty, do you reach for a soda? Or do you prefer drinking alkaline water? Both of these options are most likely the result of what you learned by watching someone at home. And chances are, you’re passing along those habits without realizing it.

How these choices affect the long-run

Will choosing a coke instead of water kill you today? No. And probably not tomorrow. But that simple err in judgment compounded over time will have dire consequences. I read a book where the author said “it’s easy to make a good choice, and it’s easy not to.”

I intend to look at the habits that we’re raised with as Americans and offer healthy and safe alternatives to the choices that cause us much pain later in life. The best health care you can get is to get healthy and stay that way. The goal in life is to grow old – beats the alternative doesn’t it? And I’m not referring to the “pill-poppin’” kind of growing old but the lifestyle of being able to travel and spend time with grandkids later in life.  Thanks for stopping by and please comment!