Keeping your Reputation Healthy in a Digital World

It can be super challenging to get your reputation fixed after something bad has happened that makes it to an online presence. Your online reputation these days is as important or more important than your resume. Why? Because each time you drop a resume to someone, you are actually going to be “Googled” by your prospective employer.

Did you know that the number one searched for category online is people’s names? That’s a fact that will hurt you or harm you. There are a few people you could hire to repair your reputation, like a marketing agency that can help you build several profiles around your name that are owned and operated by you – but are actually pages on social network sites that rank well in search engines.

Consider that there are 10 results on a search engine results page that could all return results around your name. What if there was one that had perhaps your “mug shot” of when you were arrested years back? That’s probably not something you would want people to see when they searched for your name. You could actually start grabbing some of the required social media platforms that can be built out around your name like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube and several others that tend to rank very high for the people-search market.

Managing your reputation can seem hard, but it’s worth it

Keeping a good reputation online is actually not that hard. If you’re a business owner who has some negative reviews out there, true – you cannot get those to disappear but you can bury them. You could get several more positive reviews on the review site or you could get other pages built out around your branding or business that would eventually outrank the pages that had negative reviews. Yelp is not the “end-all” to review sites – grab your Google Plus business page and a few others like and you can be on the way to being in total control of your reputation online.

We hope this has helped you in your decision to get on the ball and take control of your online life!