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Getting Back to School the Smart Way

Tutoring might not be fun, but it WILL help you in the Long Run

That’s the message we need to get to our children as they prepare for another year of school. There are of course plenty of debatable studies that show that students like Bill Gates who dropped out of college can still make billions… but I digress.

Students rarely enjoy tutoring or discipline, but both always pay off, BIG TIME. That’s the topic of this morning’s post. As my daughters prepare for the school year, we are considering a Lafayette math tutor to get them the upper hand when it comes to math particularly.

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Has anyone ever used a tutor for your kids? I would like to think it will help out, but I have a few questions, like what books do they use? Can you provide a tutor with your own curriculum? Do they “grade?” and what are the measures of progress?

And are there any differences in approach to different subjects like math, language arts, science, algebra? It was the help of a tutor that got me through a few college classes but I think it’s way different for the gradeschool level, right?

I’m pretty sure there are good answers to these questions that I’ll ask our tutor, but in the meantime if you have any thoughts, please comment!